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Foreign Rights


Dear Colleagues, it is our great pleasure to present you our newest Foreign Rights Guides.

If you should require more detailed information or reading copies, please feel free to contact us any time - the Herder foreign rights team will always be delighted to help!

With best wishes,

Your Foreign Rights Team


International Rights Manager

Francesca Bressan

Tel.: 0761-2717-546
Fax: 0761-2717-540
E-Mail: bressan@herder.de



Contract Manager

Barbara Greber

Tel:(0761) 2717-547
Fax:(0761) 2717-540


Autumn 2013


Spring 2013


Autumn 2011


Lizenzen herder

Lizenzen herder

Kreuz Lizenzen


Postal Address

Verlag Kerle in der Verlag Herder GmbH

Foreign Rights
Hermann-Herder-Straße 4
79104 Freiburg